Alpha Omega DHA


Helps Reduce The Inflammatory Response And Delivers All 3 Of The Fatty Acids That
Are Essential For Your Brain To Perform At It's Best 

A clinically Advanced Formula With Proven Ingredients To Unlock Your Brain's Potential

Alpha omega dha


Helps reduce the inflammatory response and delivers all 3 of the fatty acids that
are essential for your brain to perform at it's best .

A clinically Advanced Formula With Proven Ingredients To Unlock Your Brain's Potential

I am amazed at the difference.

“I bought the Alpha Omega DHA product and after thirty plus days I am amazed at the difference. This Omega-3 supplement is different in concentration and formulation than others. I speak frequently, usually 4 or 5 times a week. Recalling names and events, memorizing for presentations, connections, everything is much better -Thanks!” 

William H.

About Alpha Omega DHA

Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA, work because they block inflammation pathways in the brain cells (neurons).

They block not one, but multiple pathways, like a roadblock in your neuron. Immune cells  seem to be particularly sensitive to Omega-3's anti-inflammatory effects of DHA. 

Scientific studies show that you should have a minimum dosage of 500 mg of DHA Fatty Acids a day.

Alpha Omega DHA has 700 mg of inflammation fighting DHA.

Alpha Omega DHA - With Over 700 mg of DHA

Fish oil, and specifically Omega 3's, pack so many benefits into 1 little supplement. From helping with depression, cardiovascular disease, fighting Alzheimer's and memory loss to fighting excess inflammation in your body. The list goes on and on... In fact, Omega-3's are one of the most researched nutrients on earth.

DHA, one of the Omega-3 fatty acids found in our Alpha Omega DHA, shows the most beneficial effects for brain health and inflammation reduction. It is critical to the development and function of your brain cells.

It is so powerful that after just the first week you might notice your thinking is clearer, your memory recall seems faster, better. Your brain is sharp again, like when you were younger.


A Clinically Advanced Formula With Proven Ingredients To Unlock Your Brain's Potential

Alpha Omega DHA is manufactured with the highest standards in the industry from small ocean sources like anchovies, and sardines.
We use dosages that are clinically proven to work for optimal results. We use premium ingredients from trusted sources and the top rated manufacturing facilities. Finally we use a third party testing facility to ensure the highest quality and potency in every bottle.

This means you get the highest quality product possible. You won't be able to find anything comparable in stores. We guarantee Alpha Omega DHA to be the most effective Omega-3 fatty acid product you can find.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

"After a week, I could tell a difference. After 2 weeks, my husband could tell a difference and after 3 weeks everybody could tell a difference."

Jonna, 68 years old

our guarantee to you

We are so sure that you will experience a supported memory with a sharper focus and more energy PLUS a rejuvenating night's sleep by using MindBoost™ Day and MindBoost™ Night and Alpha Omega DHA, that we guarantee your satisfaction with a 120 DAY HASSLE-FREE Money Back Guarantee.