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Are You Sabotaging Your Memory?

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Congrats on taking the first step towards improving your memory and helping to help improve your memory by changing the foods that you eat.

But, food is only 1 piece of the puzzle... There are 3 other habits that have been shown to dramatically increase your risk of getting Alzheimer's that you need to stop doing today. 

Join over 113,000 who have improved their memories by stopping these 3 habits... Then, learn the next steps to boosting your memory by 20% in the next 30 days.

In This Week's Workshop, You'll Learn:

  • A 2 to 3 minute exercise you can do daily to create real, biological changes to rejuvenate brain cells radically
  • 3 habits to break - and what to replace them with so you don't even miss them for a second
  • Learn one thing you should never - and, I mean never - have 2-hours before bed
  • Learn why not all "age-related" memory loss is irreversible
  • What 1-ingredient in your kitchen is most responsible for anxiety and depression
  • The one vitamin you need to start taking NOW
  • And much more...

Your Hostess: Julia Lundstrom, Neuroscience and Brain Health Educator

Hi. My name is Julia Lundstrom, and I am a neuroscience and brain health educator.     

My mission is to help 1 million people make measurable improvements in their memory.

My journey began when my most cherished aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  

It is terrible to see someone you love in pain.  

Her decent was as tragic as it was fast. Within a year, she had forgotten who I was. In 2 years – she forgot my dad - her brother... After just 3 years, she couldn’t recall the names of her children.

This began my passion and journey into brain health and memory. In the last 5 years, over 113,000 people have attended my online workshops, speaking engagements, and podcast interviews.

Join me in my new FREE workshop and learn the quickest, easiest way to help prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia and boost your memory in the next 30 days.

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