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Please book your time now or you will lose the chance to speak with a Memory Assessor:

Jennifer Olham

Mom with Alzheimer's

“I feel empowered! The steps I have taken already have been so effective. I just don’t understand why more people don’t know about this or do it!”

You made a great decision to invest in your brain health by purchasing the best supplement on the market to support your memory and cognition.

In about 30-60 days, you will start to notice your memory sharper, words coming easier and even more energy.

Supplements are a great way to improve your brain health, but they are only 1 of my 10 Pillars of Brain Health that I have created over the last 12 years working in conjunction with neurologists, brain health experts, doctors, nutritionists and coaches and many more.

You see, there are 36 reasons for memory issues. Supplements only fix a handful of those issues. That's why they are called supplements, they supplement your diet and lifestyle. They are not 100% of the solution. 

Your brain is the cockpit to your entire body. When your brain is the healthiest and happiest it can be, you are the healthiest and happiest you can be. 

10 Pillars of Brain Health

Imagine your brain is like a roof to a house. Over decades and decades of doing things that go against my 10 Pillars of Brain Health you can develop holes in your brain roof.

Now some of these holes in your brain roof are small and some of them are large but it takes decades for them to develop into holes where you feel any symptoms of memory loss or brain fog or cognition issues. 

And since there are 36 reasons for memory loss that we currently know scientifically, you can fix one hole with some changes or a couple supplements but if you don't fix all the holes when it rains your brain 'living room' will still get flooded.

We know our 10 Pillars of Brain Health work to help fix these 36 holes.

With your supplement purchase today, you get a free Onboarding Call with one of our Memory Assessors.

They will talk to you about what struggles you're seeing with your brain health and memory. They will assess if there are any symptoms of the other 36 holes that the supplements won't fix. Then, they will set you on the right path to getting those fixed.

We can help you:

  • Increase your working memory for everyday recall
  • Change the lifestyle habits that decay your memory the most
  • Start today to regain some of your lost memory
  • Boost the critical memory chemical, BDNF (promotes the survival of neurons) 
  • Be able to play with your grandkids, fully engaged, until the very end.
  • Impress your doctor with having great blood work and potentially reduce the amount of prescription meds you have that have terrible side effects
  • Live the longest, healthiest and happiest life possible

But please treat your investment today on your memory as if you just paid $5000 for it. (Because it’s truly worth a lot more than that.)

If you had just paid $5000 for this, you’d book your call immediately.

Don’t blow this incredible opportunity and tell yourself “I’ll sort it next week”. We all know, if you do not book now you will forget and never start to get the full benefits of your investment, wasting your money.

 You bought this because you want a faster and easier way to improve your memory and feel sharp and confident again. 

Let us help guide you on how you can maximize our resources and assess where you are with your memory and brain health. This is only available to Simple Smart Science customers.

 Choose the best time and date on the calendar above and be ready for your call!

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