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Client Results After Working With With Us

"I feel that I have more energy during the early day and a bit more in the afternoon."

Patrick Christensen

Patrick's Progress Sheet

I got my vocabulary back! 

Linda Thomas

"I got my vocabulary back!  
I have a system in place to track my brain health habits in the evenings and throughout the week!
I have stayed on track with regards to my water and nutrition now that I know how important it is.
My friends are not having to finish my sentences for me and I generally have more energy."

Linda's Progress Sheet

Feeling 100% better - choking, heaviness in eyes, foggy GONE!

Faye Kulick

- Happy found a way to calm jitters when upset 

- Some new friends/connections - definitely improving, desiring more though 

- Feeling 100% better - choking/heaviness in eyes/foggy GONE!

- Clutter - 98% done with phase 1-  Closets being cleaned out

- Hydration! GREAT! - Not getting up in the middle of the night anymore!

- Walking/moving lots!

Faye's Progress Sheet

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