Since I completed the program my memory and concentration are better. I finished 2 books this week and understood and enjoyed them. For anyone who has problems with their memory. This is one of the best things I've run across."

Marianne G.

"My brain is more alive, more open. It was worth it to me. The information and the experience, and the relationship with my coach and group was invaluable. The light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train anymore, it's the sunshine."


Besides my memory getting better, I just feel a lot better. As I went along with the program, I was like... this is really impressive, I would recommend this to anybody!

Tim L.

What is the memory guru Expansion program

The Memory Guru Expansion Program is comprised of an additional 16 week integrative program led by Certified Memory and Cognition Coaches who will empower you by providing the knowledge, tools, and accountability you need to overcome your memory challenges. 

This Expansion Program provides additional valuable and deeper information to help our Memory Gurus. Foundational lifestyle changes have been set. 2.0 provides more information and detail on those subjects for a deeper understanding + more practical applications.

What you will receive with this program:

  • Dedicated 1-on-1 Coach - Focused on the areas that will make the greatest improvement in your brain health,
  • Personalized Plan - fully customized approach to address your specific memory challenges and brain health needs specifically tailored to you,
  • Email Summary of Calls - provides a powerful reference tool compiled by your personal coach that can be easily printed as a handy reminder or filed for future reference,
  • DNA Saliva Test- at home DNA saliva test will be done to in order to use scientific data to check in with your overall health and give personalized recommendations based on your specific composition,
  • Online Memory Assessments- provides vital feedback by measuring and tracking your progress every 30 days, even after the program has ended,
  • Weekly Meetings - keep you on track, accountable, and provides an opportunity to address new challenges in a timely manner as they arise, 
  •  3 Guest Presentations - 60-min Zoom sessions conducted by guest presenters, experts, Julia, coaches, etc., on in-depth topics,
  •  3 Town Halls - Educational seminars via a 60-min  in-depth Zoom sessions on specialized training topics like  Brain Healthy Kitchen , Nervous System Regulation, Toxin Talk and more,
  •  Specialized Coaching Session- 1 specialized coaching session with an expert coach on a topic of your choice or interest,
  • 30-day Memory Training  Program - access to our training program which delivers tips and techniques to reinforce key aspects of your personalized plan to further strengthen your memory "muscles",
  • 24/7 Email Support - ensures discrete and personalized support right when you need it most,
  • Stress-Busting Meditation - proven to help reduce the toxic effect of stress on your body & brain, especially your memory.
  • Monthly Challenges - each month we will be doing a 5-day long challenge related to one of our 10-pillars of brain health. We will all be challenging ourselves, together!

Meet A Few Of Our Certified Memory & Cognition Coaches

Coach carol

  • “It has become my life’s passion to use my personal and professional experience to help others find optimal wellness through lasting lifestyle change.

    I know firsthand how hard it is to change old, ingrained habits. But together we can make a measurable difference in your health.”
  • SSS Memory & Cognition Coach
  • Certified Bredesen Cognitive Decline Coach
  • Certified Functional Medicine Coach
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Certified SIBO Practitioner
  • Certified Genetic Counselor
  • Deep love for family and food!

Coach Nikki

  • "I help our clients clarify their values and goals then develop a brain-healthy lifestyle plan that both reflects and helps achieve them.

    Lifestyle Medicine is the wave of the future and I LOVE empowering our clients through education and with proven tools so they can truly take charge of their health."
  • SSS Memory & Cognition Coach
  • IFC Certified Coach
  • WCI Certified Wellness & Addiction Recovery Coach
  • Yoga Teacher RYT500E
  • Lover Of Sunshine And Long Exhales

Coach Renay

  • "I help clients navigate their journey to better brain health through effective and lasting lifestyle changes.

    I am passionate about helping people instill healthy habits through education and proven techniques so they can thrive for the rest of their lives."

  • SSS Memory & Cognition Coach
  • Certified and Registered Health Coach
  • Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor
  • Certified and Registered Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Life Coach

Coach Julie

  • "I help guide adults 55+ on their journey towards a measurable improvement in their cognition and brain health through effective lifestyle changes.

    I am deeply passionate about helping people in this way in order to restore their sense of self and independence so that they too can live a life they love."

  • SSS Memory & Cognition Coach
  • ACE Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Holistic Life Coach
  • Reiki Energy Practitioner
  • Yoga Teacher - 200 hr

Coach Jules

  • “I’ve always been a strong believer that we can shape our future and create the life we want for ourselves. Since becoming immersed in the field of brain health, I have become even more excited to know that the research fully supports this idea. We now know that we absolutely can influence the trajectory of our memory and cognition as we age!”
  • SSS Memory & Cognition Coach
  • Certified Brain Health Specialist
  • Licensed Massage Therapist

Coach Kelsey

  • "I help guide adults 55+ on their journey towards a measurable improvement in their cognition and brain health through effective lifestyle changes. 

    I am deeply passionate about helping people in this way in order to restore their sense of self and independence so that they too can live a life they love.
  • SSS Memory & Cognition Coach
  • ACE Fitness Certified Health Coach
  • Reiki Level 1 Practitioner
  • Avocado Enthusiast

weekly call layout for 16 weeks


*Expansion begins after 10-week Memory Guru Program

What People Are Saying About The Memory Guru Program





An Investment In Yourself

vs. $290 For 1 Day in a Nursing Home

  • Home care: A paid non-medical home health aide is $24 per hour and $960 per week
  • Adult day services: $74 per day
  • Assisted living facilities $4,300 per month or $51,600 per year
  • Semi-private room in a nursing home: $255 per day or $93,075 per year

  • Private room in a nursing home: $290 per day or $105,850 per year.  

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