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About Mindfulness & Your Brain Health

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Living in a high-tech information age and at a time when so many of us are constantly pulled in a million different directions makes it increasingly harder to be present and at peace in any given moment.

Modern life has created a culture of multi-tasking, constant distraction, and divided attention.

For all these reasons and more, we’ve become LESS present to the PRESENT MOMENT and who or what is right in front of us - and this CAN be a problem – for various reasons. 

All of which can have long-term negative effects on our overall health and BRAIN HEALTH.

So how can we combat this?


So...what is Mindfulness?

We’ll start by sharing ONE definition of Mindfulness, coined by John Kabat-Zinn – a world-renowned author, educator, and leader in the world of Mindfulness.

He states that Mindfulness is: The Awareness that arises from Paying Attention, On Purpose, In the Present Moment, Non-Judgmentally.

Or very simply stated, it could be defined as conscious awareness. 

The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Reduced Stress 
  • Improves Overall Brain Health
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Better Memory
  • Improved Sleep
  • Decreased Depression
  • Improved Cognition
  • Better Physical Health
  • Much More!
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What You Can Expect

The Mindfulness Challenge will be for 5 days. Everyday, you will receive guided meditation practice that will introduce you to the Mindfulness Practice for that day.  These emails will be full of vital information regarding mindfulness, daily challenges, and journal prompts.

Each email will also have the Mindfulness Practice presented in a printable document so you can refer to it as needed. You will be able to track your mindful progress. 

The emails will also have videos or articles to review and a specific activities tailored to this experience encompassed.

We will encourage you to follow each email in sequential order for optimal results. The goal is to complete each daily activity and be able to refer back to them in the future.

It may be helpful to have a journal where you can write down things you notice about yourself during the challenge – including revelations, feelings or emotions that arise. 

We can actually start to control our own minds...Can you imagine? It’s totally possible! And this challenge is a great place to start!

Simple Smart Science's Mindfulness Challenge

What: Simple Smart Science's Mindfulness Challenge will be held over the course of 5-days. You will get all everything you need delivered straigh to your email inbox for FREE that are intended to teach you about mindfulness and walk you through how to practice it everyday.

When: this upcoming Monday through Friday

Why: Integrating mindful practices into your daily habits can have a positive affect on your overall health--including your BRAIN HEALTH.

How: Enter your best email below to automatically join the Mindfulness challenge. You can expect daily directions from us, some informational content, encouragement, and accountability via email.

Also join the Simple Smart Science Facebook Group for daily check-ins (We would love to see you post about your progress in there!)

What You Get: Mindfulness Practices, Activities, Printable Documents, & Journal Prompts to do each day via email so we can start improving our brain health and living your best life TODAY!

What You Need: Willingness to try new things, a place you can sit and close your eyes for about 10 minutes each morning and follow the guided video practice, willingness to commit to a new practice each day that can be woven into your regular daily routine. It may be helpful to have a journal where you can write down things you notice about yourself – including feelings or insights that arise – which is common.

Join Our Exclusive 5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

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