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we want to reward you!

We are so excited to show you exactly how you can get your investment back with our client referral program and join our VIP client list today

You already do an amazing job referring family, friends, and colleagues that would benefit from the Memory Guru Program and we have been looking for a way to provide even more value

So, we decided to create an industry leading client referral program

How it works:

Anyone you introduce to us will get a mini training program you cant get anywhere whether they enroll or not

If they do enroll:

  • Your referral will get grandfathered in at the price you paid
  • your referral will get additional savings
  • You will get 10% cash return for EACH person who enrolls
  • You will get custom gifts from us!

BONUS: for the next 30 days...

 if you refer even 1 person who gets enrolled--

  • You will be added to our client VIP list
  • this means a 20% cash Return for EACH person who enrolls
  • custom pop-up trainings
  • Bigger gifts
  • The people you refer get bigger savings!

Step #1: Reach out to your referral

This is the easiest part! Whether you send an email, text message, or meet up with someone you know who could benefit from the Memory Guru Program for coffee--reach out to them and let them know how they could benefit :)

Step #2: or send them directly to a memory strategist

Send them directly to book a time with a memory strategist to see how we can help them like we helped you. Be sure to tell them to say that you sent them

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