more than half of all people aged 50 and older experience sleep problems

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It may surprise you to know that 65% of Americans are getting less than the recommended amount of sleep. On top of that, 40% of Americans get less than 6 hours sleep a night.

And more than half of all people aged 50 and older experience sleep problems - this results in sleepiness during the day, attention and memory problems, depressed moods, falls, and a much lower quality of life.

You can think of the brain as being a city, and all the brain cells and connections being the roads. When we are asleep, the asphalt is being repaired and new roads are being built and the roadside trash is being cleared away. Cars can get quickly and efficiently to where they need to be just as messages can zip through the neural networks in our brain.

When we get good sleep and these processes are functioning well, our memories that we created from the day can be consolidated and stored and our short term memories are converted into long term memories.

In addition, when we sleep, certain growth hormones and proteins like BDNF work to:

  • stimulate growth
  • aid in cell reproduction and cell regeneration
  • repair our brains. 
  • act like fertilizer for our brain
  • help the brain to develop new connections
  • repair any failing brain cells
  • protect healthy brain cells

The Main Brain-Changing Benefits of a good night's sleep

  • Boost your immune system
  • strengthen your heart
  • improve your mood
  • improve memory
  • Improve Concentration & Productivity
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Decrease Stress & Depression

What You Can Expect

This FREE 5 Day Challenge will consist of daily challenges to improve your sleep - this upcoming Monday through Friday.

After you sign up, you will receive an email with more detailed instructions along with a printable document to keep track of your sleeping habits throughout the week.

During the week of the challenge, we are going to be sending you daily activities and tips via email each day of the challenge. These emails will consist of habits to practice to get a good night's sleep that can be carried out in weeks going forward.

These challenges will differ each day.  Each morning, we encourage you to check your email, track the progress on your printable document, and share your experience that day in the Facebook group.

Our hope is that you can integrate some of these challenges and habits into your daily life and nighttime routine going forward to improve your brain, memory, and life! :)

We are all each other's accountability partners and will growing our brains and getting a better night's sleep!

Simple Smart Science's 5-Day Challenge: Sleep For your brain health

What: 5 days of nighttime challenges to help you stay rested and relaxed all summer

When: this upcoming Monday through Friday

Why:  Getting less than 6- or 7-hours  of sleep can lead to an increase in inflammation and the amount of beta amyloid plaque in the brain. Not only that, but your risk for stroke and heart attack increases and your immune system is compromised too. We need to sleep! Its essential to not only our general health and wellbeing, but very specifically for our cognitive, brain, and memory functioning.

How:  So what causes so many of us to have difficulty sleeping and what can we do about it?  You can expect daily check-ins and detailed instructions from us via email and in our Private Facebook Group on what these causes are and how to combat them.

What You Get: You will be receiving daily emails, a printable document to track your nighttime activities, a list of what you will need (all free), and education on the "why" of it all. This will be sent to you via email!

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