Welcome to Your New Life:

The Memory Guru Program

Congratulations on making the best decision to make your brain health, and therefore your entire body work right.  

I wanted to personally welcome you to the memory guru coaching program. 

I'm Julia Lundstrom, founder and CEO of Simple Smart Science. I am so excited to have you join our very exclusive club of memory guru clients.

You are now one of a very elite group of people they have chosen to put their memory and their brain health first because you know that when your brain works right you work right.

Your brain is the cockpit to your entire body.  By starting with your brain health you know that you can conquer everything from your thought processes to diseases, chemical imbalances, weight, depression, anxiety... so many of these issues simply get resolved by putting your brain health first.

Step #1: Watch the video for crucial onboarding information

I'd like to set some expectations for your Memory Guru journey. Please watch this short video so you know what happens next and over the length of the program. 

On behalf of myself my whole Simple Smart Science team and your Certified Memory and Cognition Coach, I welcome you to the Memory Guru Program.

Step #2: Book your onboarding call now with your Memory Strategist

Please Book Your Time Now Before You Do Anything Else:

Step #3: Check your email

Check your email and if you don't see anything from me, be sure to check your spam box. A great way to make sure nothing goes to spam is to simply reply to any email from me and say "hello". 

All of your communication with your Certified Memory and Cognition Coach will be done via email so this is very important.

Finally, get ready for some massive improvements in your memory and brain health. We are here to support you every step of the way so please let me know how it's going and how we can best support you!

Congratulations and enjoy the journey!

julia signature

Julia Lundstrom

Founder and CEO of Simple Smart Science

P.S. Be sure to keep checking your emails for messages from your Client Experience Liaison and your Certified Memory and Cognition Coach!

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