Immediately reduce stress levels with one of our meditations

Stress Busting Meditation

With this short but extremely effective stress busting meditation you have the power to effectively change your life in just minutes a day.  

Inside my very powerful stress busting meditation program, I’ll walk you through a blissful, guided meditation that will help you to effortlessly reduce your stress levels and the amount of cortisol you have in your body so that you can go throughout your day calmer, more relaxed and have a sharper mind.

Sweet Dreams Night Meditation

Our Sweet Dreams Night Meditation combines a powerful blend of binaural beats and soothing sounds, to pull you (and keep you) down in a deep, restorative mode of sleep…in just minutes a night.

No drugs that make you feel even more exhausted the next day. Just you and your headphones…and maybe a cup of Sleepy Time tea.

MyTone Meditation

We often do not listen to our voice because sometimes what it has to say has been tainted by the negativity that touched our lives through people and events.

By creating these meditations in your own voice, you will successfully remove any negativity, relieve stress, and listen to someone who knows you the best - YOU!

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