Memory Guru

 Foundations Program

10 weeks

About the Memory Guru Foundations Program

The Memory Guru Foundations Program is comprised of a
10-week integrative program led by Certified Memory and Cognition Coaches who will empower you by providing the knowledge, tools, and accountability you need to overcome your memory challenges.

Applying the science-based 10 Pillars of Brain Health protocol, a specially trained Certified Memory and Cognition Coach will help you identify and resolve major roadblocks to achieve your desired brain health and memory goals.

What you will receive in this program:

  • In-depth Memory Assessment - intake call where we go through our 10 Pillars of Brain Health and determine which of the 36 reasons for memory loss you may have.
  • Brain Health Roadmap - your fully customized plan to address your specific memory challenges and brain health needs tailored to you.
  • Measuring Results - scientific data to check in with your overall health and progress within your program.
  • A Continuous Glucose Monitor - to help us determine what lifestyle choices, including your stress levels, sleep, food, and exercise affect your glucose. In turn, these affect everything from your insulin to your cortisol and inflammation levels.
    Other blood work may be provided based on your Memory Assessment.
  • Dedicated 1-1 Coaching - with a Certified Memory and Cognitive Health Coach where you focus on the areas that will make the greatest improvement in your brain health. You will have weekly meetings to keep you on track, and accountable, and provide an opportunity to address new challenges. These will address the "HOW" of our 10 pillars.
  • Opportunities to incorporate coaching sessions with specialists on our team in areas such as Alzheimer's, Genetics, Autoimmunity, Diabetes, Gut health, Sleep issues, Meal Prep, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Breathwork, Inflammation, Diabetes, Depression/Anxiety, Addiction, ADD/ADHD, and more
  • High level education on our 10 pillars of brain health offered in video format. These videos - along with accompanying resources - present the scientific research and data behind our pillars and program recommendations. This education is the ‘WHY’ behind our 10 Pillars of Brain Health.
  • Online Memory Tests - provides vital feedback by measuring and tracking your progress every 30 days.
  • Supplements - for the duration of the time you are in the program. These will be hand-selected by you and your coach to fit your needs.
  • Live, interactive weekly groups - These include memory classes, meditation classes, breath work, brain-healthy cooking, exercise and so much more. These are experiential group classes to put what you're learning into practice.
  • Email Summary of Calls - provides a powerful reference tool compiled by your personal coach that can be easily printed as a handy reminder or filed for future reference,
  • Hundreds of available resources - based on your goals. These include meditations, meal plans, exercise videos, breathing practices, and more.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to our Coach-Client Portal – where ALL information/resources/session notes/communication is housed and can be accessed – like your own private Brain Health Library!
  • Private Facebook Group to interact with fellow Memory Gurus and your coaches.

What people are saying about the

 Memory Guru Program

Stress Management - Exercise  - Alzheimer's Prevention - Hope

Karen l.

"I’ve learned a lot from the program, and it’s incorporated so much of it into my daily life... It was well worth the time I spent, the money I spent, and the staff is incredible. I can’t say enough."

Vanessa F.

Improved clarity - Energy - Positivity - Brain function

Michael D.

"Besides my memory getting better, I just feel a lot better. As I went along with the program, I was like... this is really impressive, I would recommend this to anybody!"


Parents had dementia - Being proactive with self care

Brenda G.

Fear and shame dissolved - Gained connection and support

Melissa R.

"This was the best, most well-organized and put together system and program I've ever experienced, and I have been through several coaching programs. Many organizations promise great things, but very few of them deliver. This program did."

Karen L.

"Not only do I feel more knowledgeable about my health in general, but I also feel more confident I can achieve my health goals (and top of that list of goals is avoiding Alzheimer's!)--I feel truly supported by my coach and that has really improved my level of confidence!"

Ruth R.

"I'm happier, have more vitality and energy. And am finding that I'm not hunting for words as much. Even my doctor noticed. I don't make excuses for not doing something like exercise I just have to be firm with myself."

Janice H.

Got tools - Fear dissolved - Regained confidence

Vivian h.

Overcame skepticism - Did the work - Saw changes

Michael H.

"My brain is more alive, more open. It was worth it to me. The information and the experience, and the relationship with my coach and group was invaluable. The light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train anymore, it's the sunshine."


"Kindness and expertise flows from the entire team. When one is frustrated of memory, this is the place to go as a first step. Well done."

Christine B.

Above and beyond all expectations!

David B.

Feeling better - Stress reduction - Sleeping more

Nancy H.

Better sleep affects everything...

Patricia R.

"It's amazing! How just that one little change has made it a huge difference. I wish I had learned this 50 years ago.."

Patricia R.

“I feel empowered! The steps I have taken already have been so effective."


"I appreciate that this program is SO targeted to me, and my needs...rather than just something more generic."

Beth t.

More energy and motivation!

Luu N.

"I have no doubt I would be on depression pills, and cholesterol pills and probably already would have had a nervous breakdown...not knowing what to do. But now I have more energy than ever, a positive outlook on life. I have even lost 20 lbs - which I wasn’t even focused on that as I just wanted to help my mind and everything has just went in place."

Tammy L.

Felt younger in only 2 months!

Patrick c.

Coaching and accountability!

Linda b.

Limiting belief I entered the program with:

"I’m doomed to have Alzheimer’s based on my family history"

New belief after finishing the program:

"I have the power to take action and prevent future dementia."

Cheri w.

Powerful changes - One step at a time

Tim L.

Preventing familial Alzheimer's 

Adonia d.

"In addition to learning so much, I lost 40 lbs. if you can believe that. I am proud of myself and so happy I made the investment."

Adonia D.

recent clients share their experience with

The Memory Guru Coaching Program

“As a recently retired special education teacher, who is taking care of her 94 year old mother (she has Alzheimer’s and severe arthritis), I was really looking for answers - not just for Mom, but for myself as well. I was always tired, I had a cloudy brain and scattered thoughts.

Taking care of Mom all day, getting up multiple times a night to take her to the bathroom meant I was getting little or no sleep. I was chronically stressed. While I did not see any way around my situation, my coach DID! I became INSPIRED! I believed that everything was going to be ALRIGHT and that a HUGE burden was lifted off my shoulders - I did not have to figure this all out by myself anymore.! Soon, I was able to recognize & conquer a number of triggers that had gotten in the way of my success in the past. 

While not free, it was worth every penny! I’ve lost 15lbs, lowered my A1c to 6.1, and reduced my need for medications. Now I get 8-9 hours of sleep (Mom is getting more sleep too), and my restless legs and hot flashes are better too! Following my personalized “action plan”, I regained control. I’ve even added things “back” to my schedule – taking Spanish lessons, cooking, taking a sick friend to the doctor ,and looking after my 2 granddaughters one day a week.

All this without hiring extra help! That’s why I recommend this program to everyone I meet!” 

Susannah H 

Gained Awareness and now understands the 'WHY'


Exercise - Mindfulness - Clear head

Vicki M.

"Since I completed the program my memory and concentration are better. I finished 2 books this week and understood and enjoyed them. For anyone who has problems with their memory. This is one of the best things I've run across."

Marianne G.

"I got a heck of a lot smarter about what glucose is, and that it’s not just a “diabetic person” thing"


"I continue to be amazed, beyond words, at the care, and professionalism that I have experienced with each and every person. Thank you"

current client

No longer living in fear of Alzheimer's!


Newfound understanding of brain health

Claudia  M.

"My wins have been particularly through understanding and following the glucose monitor. You made me aware of the benefits of fasting and even extending it beyond the 12 hours. Renay has given me an Insomnia Relaxation which is amazing I'm now sleeping without Trazadone!!!"

Memory Guru graduate

"The biggest win is my change in perspective, and the change in attitude that there is something proactive that I can do instead of just waiting to see if I developed symptoms."

Nikki M.

"One of my friends said, “I want to take what you’re taking”. Because, she said... It’s like... “You know, you have so much energy and you’re so positive"

Linda B.

"I have more self-confidence.. and an optimistic outlook and an excitement over what I’m going to do next."

Becky T.

"Being accountable to someone else was a great motivator."

John T.

"I now believe that I can dodge the bullet of dementia and that although several family members have/had diabetes I can avoid it through proper diet."

Memory Guru Graduate

Improvement in Diet Sleep & Exercise!

Karen L.

Have learned how to help my sister with Alzheimer's, and myself!

Amy S.

Confident - Hopeful 

Becky t.

Memory improved - Regained confidence - Got vocabulary back!

Linda T.