What Our Memory Gurus Have to Say

Watch Below to see the lifelong impact the Memory Guru Program has had on our clients


Bri L.

I didn't realize how important purpose was to memory health and so I've been assessing my purpose ever since we did the class.

bri l.

Karen L.
Charlotte C.
Jan D.

It’s just [a] change of lifestyle that’s made a huge difference... I have been getting back to piano and I do play some violins... It’s just been a wonderful experience for me...

jan d.

Kellie S.
Michael D.
Linda B.

One of my friends said, “I want to take what you’re taking”. Because, she said... It’s like... “You know, you have so much energy and you’re so positive”.

linda b.

Mike F.
Paulette T.

That’s what I really like about it. You learn, you know... You learn things and I'm happy that I do because I want to live a long time...

paulette t.

Tim L.
Mary Ann P.
Patrick C.

I’m feeling much younger now than I [did] two months ago. Just because I've been working on myself and my physical, mental and I'd say spiritual aspects too...

patrick c.

Susan B.
Violet M.

It’s been an excellent program. I’m so so so happy that my husband encouraged me to do the program.

violet m.