Live Group Schedule

2:00PM EST
Group Beginners Yoga - 45 minutes

Join coach and yoga instructor Nikki Aiello for 45-minutes of slow, breath-centered movement, and rejuvenation. Please have a chair, yoga mat, and folded blanket. All levels welcome and encouraged! If you are new to yoga - PLEASE CLICK HERE to watch our Yoga Intro Video.

Monday 3:00PM EST
Sleep Q+A - 30-45 minutes

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Join coach Renay Roberts for a session dedicated to sleep! Come with your sleep-related questions and issues, and we'll work through them together so you can walk away with practical tips and tricks for getting the most restful night's sleep ever!

Tuesday 4:00PM EST
Brain Healthy Kitchen - 30-45 minutes

Join Coach Tracie each week in the kitchen for a live Brain Healthy cooking demo! During this session, Tracie will walk you through meal prep tips and tricks, recipe inspiration, and how to incorporate more healthy plant-based foods into your diet. You'll leave this session motivated and ready to grab your apron!

2:30PM EST
Intro to Meditation - 30-45 minutes

Join coaches and Nikki Aiello and Julie Larkin on a Meditation journey. You will be guided through different techniques intended to lower stress as well as improve focus, concentration, and MOOD! Meditation is simple yet incredibly powerful. Come empower yourselves! No experience necessary.

3:30PM EST
Core Strengthening + Balance for Beginners - 30-45 minutes

Join coach Julie Larkin for a weekly group focused on fitness/movement with specific attention given to both Core Strengthening + Balance and Coordination.  Each week will include a mini movement session geared toward strengthening our core muscles + balance and coordination exercises.  Plus, we'll save time for your general fitness questions, so bring your inquiries.  Together, we'll all learn and grow from each other!  Come learn and "get your MOVE on!"

2:00PM EST
CGM Review Session - 30-45 minutes

Using a CGM and wanting some help interpreting your data? Come to this session with all of your questions and we will spend 5-10 minutes with each client going over your specific CGM questions, look over your glucose trends, and send you off with some action steps to maintain your healthiest blood glucose levels! While this session is intended for clients using a Veri CGM monitor, all are welcome to come with questions regarding nutrition options around blood sugar management.

Intro To Breathwork - 30-45 minutes

Join coach and yoga instructor Nikki Aiello on a breathwork journey. You will learn the science behind specific breathing techniques, gain an understanding of how and when to use them AND of course practice them together. Breath is our life force - come learn how to optimize it! No experience necessary.

"Brain Fitness" 30-45 minutes

Join coach Renay Roberts for brain games with other Memory Guru community members. Think of this as gym class for your brain where you can exercise your memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, and intelligence!

Weekly Replays

Whether you missed a session, had to leave early, or just want to replay it for continued accountability until the next Live Group Session, rest assured we have you covered. Click below to tune into the most recent recording for each Live Group Session. 

Brain Healthy Kitchen: 3/14/23


Intro to Meditation: 3/15/23


Core Strengthening + Balance for Beginners: 3/15/23


CGM Review Session: 3/16/23


Intro to Breathwork: 3/16/23


Brain Fitness: 3/17/23


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