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Besides my memory getting better, I just feel a lot better. As I went along with the program, I was like... this is really impressive, I would recommend this to anybody!


Financial Advisor

My brain and memory felt really cloudy before I started the program. And I had mentioned to people a few times about that it might have been something to do with COVID. I felt very much cloudier than I had last year. Maybe it's getting a little older so I was really excited to be able to take this opportunity to see if this could bring my memory back overall after the Memory Guru Program. 

"I'm really excited and happy with all the different things I learned I learned a lot of things I never really thought of and connected together to help me with my memory"

including sleeping, drinking more water, what I'm eating my everything that I do my exercise all together with everything. It's wonderful. And it's been a great help to my energy since the program has been really great. Besides my memory getting better, also the activities I've been doing, sleeping patterns, things like that.

"It has really helped me increase my energy and skills, and I am feeling a lot clearer and it's easier to get going with my energy."

In my job I do loans and work with a lot of money and personal things with people, so my focus needs to be really clear and that's one of the things I've been working because I was worried about my attention as things were getting cloud here. And this really helped me get back to where I'm at to be sharp. When I talk to these folks and remember, what we were talking about is really important for me to be able to let them know that I know what they're saying or else I will not be able to build their trust. 

The nutrition portion of the program really helped me dial in I was doing the Keto program myself in the past where I had a really good idea of what it entail. And it really helped me in a lot of the recipes as well. They were really terrific. They sent out after our meetings, but it really really helped me realize what I should be eating what I should be and it really refocused and really helped me know what I was what I was eating and what I was doing. 

So when I did start the program I was just about a 200 pounds before COVID I was about way below 180 So I call it my COVID-19 pounds. Totally not eating well. So we're still able to exercise some on my own but was eating ice cream every night and doing things that I shouldn't have been doing. The program really helped me with my weight and I wasn't anticipating that a really nice side note too because I was thinking of it more of a memory loss and memory being program and I felt like with my weight I've lost 15 pounds since the program and a couple of months just making minor changes. I used to do with my nutrition and even our drinking water so some things in the morning. It really helped me get back on track and I'm really close to the way I want to be I didn't take that on I wasn't a lot overweight for myself, per se but I definitely wanted to get down 15-20 pounds. It helped me get rid of them. 15 or 20 pounds was sometimes really hard.

"When we discussed the topic of what was my purpose it really helped me -- took me back because for years my purpose has gone in a certain direction with raising my own children and raising my kids and they were going to be able to take care of themselves around the world."

 They are and now help me realize now with my new grandson it's really helped me focus that's it'll give me drive and I'm looking for other purposes to be honest with you. And it's really helped me cuz I never thought about that way I want to find inspiring for why I'm here. What makes me excited. And I have some purpose that I'm looking for more and I hadn't done that years. So it's been pretty, pretty neat to pick up another important lesson I was doing a program.

I recently talked to a friend of mine, Frank, regarding the program because I really think it would benefit him. It was really in surprising all the different topics. It wasn't just a memory program, which it was as well, but it really wasn't the it wasn't a hard sell and I do sell some stuff. It wasn't a hard time and that's what makes it easy.

You can totally change your life and you can go one step at a time and work on nutrition when you go on supplements, you know and all of those things. And if you do those things, after a while you're doing them all and it really becomes second nature.

"And it's been great. It's been very life changing."


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