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"As a researcher & holistic health practitioner I can state that in our current modern civilization brain health is a top priority concern for the population of all ages, not only geriatric patients.  Mind Boost Day, Mind Boost Night, and Alpha Omega DHA supplements are all very well formulated, the herbs well documented, and are better options for brain health because Simple Smart Science supplements are boosting the brain with nutrients which helps bring homeostasis and optimal conditions for the brain to function better.” 

Paolo D.

Professor, Licensed Naturopath, and Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner  

"Thank you for your continued good service. I enjoy the MindBoost product and together with some changes in lifestyle, I am sleeping through the night and thinking more clearly by day."

Carol M.

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the supplements today! I am sooooo glad and look forward to getting back on the best sleep aid I have ever used."

Lonna W.

I have always gotten the best customer service anyone could have wanted the service is A PLUS and it does not matter who you speak with they are all AWESOME."

Jean H.

I am very pleased with MindBoost Day and will be ordering more."

Georgia S.

"Hey Julia,

I've been using Mindboost Day+Night for over 6+ months and absolutely love it - it is the only nootropic I've found that almost completely removes a constant 'ear worm' like loops of junk distracting sound playing in my head all the time unless I put in serious conscious effort to quell it.

I used to be constantly way more distracted, jittery and inefficient with mental work due to this. Taking Mindboost has greatly quelled all of the above.

Thanks so much for that !Please feel free to use this endorsement if you'd like. I'd be happy to recommend the product again!" - Mohit J.

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve improved my Luminosity score by 47 points in the 8 weeks that I have been taking Mind Boost. I’m not as “foggy” as I used to be, I’m clearer in my thinking, and my word finding (which had been a problem ) is not as much of a problem anymore! I am VERY Pleased with this product. Thank You"

Cecile P.

I have been very pleased with Simple Smart Mind Boost. I’ve taken it over a year and have seen results in remembering things."

Donna A.

I felt compelled to send this after I hung up the phone a few minutes ago. You will never know how impressed I am with your company. I was so relieved when you told me that I could cancel my arrangement; talk about great PR. Please know that I will tell everyone I know what a terrific company you are. Talk about MindBoost! You really know how to deliver what you promise. Thank you so much."

Yours truly, Judie W.

This company seems genuinely honest and serious about the abilities of the good it can do about memory problems and health. I use his product and feel I have bebefited with this product and would recommend it."

Cleta P.

I’m not the type of guy that endorses products but in your case, I feel that it is my obligation to write you about MindBoost.Ok, It works for me. 120 days ago I was having trouble remembering names and lost some of my ability to play songs on the piano.I was even having trouble just talking.Within the 1st month, I recognized that I was getting sharper. It has now been 120 days and I’m convinced that I’m back to myself.I’m 78 years young again and I like it. I have had no bad reactions to taking MindBoost.So thanks for getting my next 4 month shipped to me for I’m just about out.One other thing, I was even having trouble spelling words 120 days ago. Not now!"

Bill Tupper Pinckney MI. 

The first bottle is almost gone and it’s really worked. Mind is clearer and it’s help with energy when working out."


I would like to say your customer service has been fantastic."

Ken H. 

I really like your products!"

Joan M.

Since Taking Mind Day and Night has given me more confidence and carmer self thank you love your e-mails full of health."

Alison J. 

With MindBoost Day I noticed a lift in mood, and it has helped so much. My husband tried it as well and noticed a difference."

Peggy S.  

After not taking the supplements for a couple weeks I have notices a slight decrease in good sleep and memories. So yes I would like to place the order. I would like to try it for a full 3 months because I believe this product takes some time to start working. I won’t be requesting any refunds again."

Name Witheld By Request

Lets face it who can't use some help creating a calm in their emotional state of well being. I know I can, with the day to day stresses of being a Mom, work and kids. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. Or we wait until we are sick to realize it. My evaluation after taking it for several days is an over all feeling of good, some what of a happy pep back in my step. It comes in two bottles , one for day use and one to take at night."


I have rarely had such excellent customer service and caring show up each time I interact with your company."

Jacky C.

In these days of keeping things short and easy, our brains are under attack. I find each of the the articles I have read from SimpleSmartScience illuminating and valuable. A breath of rich information to prepare us for our future. Thank you, Mary Gae George President, Co-author, Publisher-distributer of Artistry at the Piano"

Mary G.

I have been sharing your MindBoost Day with my wife, whose memory, like mine, seems to be improving very nicely. Since I haven’t tried the product for more than about 20 days or so because of sharing it, I haven’t arrived at a point where I can be definitive yet. I am looking forward to the arrival of the two-month Day & Night complete package I ordered, and hope that supplies will soon be forthcoming. Your followup is the best I have experienced!"

Richard L.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! It is such a pleasure to deal with a company so honest and trustworthy. I certainly plan to order other products from you.

Edna S. 

Great Product. these people were beyond amazing. they went out of their way to educate me on their product . They even sent me the product to my house. Luv that. I must say that their customer service is amazing. I really do hope these people get a lot more customers, not only because they rock, but because their product worked. The minute I took the day pill, it almost seemed like my mind WAS more alert. At first I thought, it was just part of my imagination, but after the 3rd day, I knew it was the pills working. Pills comes in daytime bottle and night. Both work just as great as the other. I do recommend taking these with large glasses of water. Thank you all."

Janet M.

I tried this stuff in hopes of seeing a little cognitive performance boost, perhaps as a “feeling less mentally tired at the end of the day” kind of thing or a more “wow, I don’t feel totally drained after working on that” sort of response. I didn’t get those. What I got, though, was a better overall feeling of clear-headedness along with a better feeling overall, physically. It was slight and it may or may not have been from using this product (it’s not like I do scientific studies here), but it was there. It’s worked pretty well for me, so far as I can tell, and I’m continuing to use it. That’s about all I can say as an endorsement."

Aaron T.

YES!!! I love that it had day and night pills and that literally after taking them for 2 days I noticed a huge difference. I was able to keep on task with work for longer periods of time without feeling tired or bored. It helped me find solutions easier and answers quicker. I had no idea something could help your brain function this much! It really helped my overall get more work done in a shorter amount of time!"

Wendy F.

I wish to thank Simple Smart Science for an expedient resolve to a concern I had about my billing! Not only did I get a fast and so very kind email about the situation, but I also received a personal phone call from Russell to alleviate any questions or concerns I might have had about the billing process ! Talk about going the extra mile– you guys blew me away !! Thanks for being a caring, reputable company! It will be my pleasure to do business with you in the future!! Thanks so much"


Also to let you know how much Mind Boost is helping me. I am so amazed at how I am feeling. I plan on taking it for the rest of my life. I’m only sorry I had not heard of this a lot sooner."

Amelia – This one is so good, you have to read her entire experience – her entire life changed

I decided to check out the Mind Boost products. Gosh I feel like I could be their poster child… My focus is definitely improving and I am more alert and less exhausted. All week long I have gotten so much done – some things that I never thought I would get done.Which brings us to night time. It is all fine and dandy to have energy during the day and be mentally alert but often with other products that means I may as well not count on sleeping. But Mind Boost has the solution to that with their Night formula. It promotes relaxation and supports a calm mind. Between that and me listening to my relaxation audiobooks – I am asleep within 15 minutes without fail. And sleeping pretty solidly through til the morning rather than waking up at 3am and twiddling my thumbs for two hours…So if you have any struggles similar to mine – then Mind Boost may just be your savior."

Athena N., TheStuffOfSuccess

Overall, in the world of nootropic and mindboost specifically, there is massive opportunity for great things to happen to many people lives. Please continue your good work. So, to further elaborate my experience with MindBoost. Somewhere around after the first week of taking MindBoost both day and night formula, i noticed a little improvement in the quality of my sleep. Deeper more prolong restful nights, which in turn made the usual early mornings more refreshing and less groggy. During the day, my energy would pick up a bit and i guess my mind felt clearer, i was super stoked about the results i’d gotten so far and was hoping that continued use will only improve everything else even more."

Peter Tong

I am busy and fifty. I am often so busy that I forget things. I have been using this MindBoost for the past few days. I do feel like I remember a bit better. I don’t feel any amazing changes, but there are some. I am able to remember the simple things. This seems like something tiny, but those simple things are the memories that drive you crazy. Like where did I leave my keys or why did I go to this room. I think over time, I will notice more changes, but they are tiny little improvements for now."

Leroy Coffie

 “I did feel an increase in my concentration during the day. I woke up feeling more refreshed and went to sleep much quicker. During the work day, I was able to concentrate on a single project or task for extended periods of time. I was also able to block out other daily distractions more easily while I was trying to focus on a project."

Kelly B.

 “I felt no negative side effects or other problems. I did feel a boost in cognitive functionality. I felt like I was able to focus more easily on most tasks, and it genuinely seemed like my memory was working better than ever before. Instead of taking 4 to 5 seconds to recall some relevant piece of information – like someone’s name I had just met – my brain felt like it went to work more quickly, and was able to recall information in 1 to 2 seconds. Obviously, your experience may be a bit different. Mind Boost wasn’t the strongest nootropic supplement I’ve ever taken – there are no racetams or “heavy” nootropics here. That’s the one downside of an all-natural supplement: nature just can’t give us the same cognitive boost as synthetic chemicals. Of course, all-natural formulas also (typically) have limited side effects. So there’s a tradeoff. With all that being said, Mind Boost Day and Night are still excellent options for intermediate nootropic users. I recommend buying the package deal (Mind Boost Complete) where you get Day and Night at a bit of a reduced price.”


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