Welcome to the Live Long Well Retreat

Congratulations on making the a life changing decision to join us for our Live Long Well Retreat!

I wanted to personally welcome you to the Live Long Well Retreat. 

I'm Julia lundstrom, founder and CEO of Simple Smart Science. I am so excited to have you join us for this very exclusive Live Long Well Retreat.

You are now one of a very elite group of people who are looking to expand their life and their health with our 6 day retreat in the beautiful mountains of Colorado Springs.

Please mark your calendars for April 15th - April 21st, 2023. 

I am so excited to meet you personally at the Live Long Retreat.

Please keep an eye out for your email for more detailed instructions.

Thank you.

Julia Lundstrom
julia signature

Julia Lundstrom

Founder and CEO of Simple Smart Science

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